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Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

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An expectant mother feels very happy when she is ready for bearing a baby. She looks forward to getting through the nine months of expectation. First time moms are especially very happy and excited to face a new challenge like a baby in their life.

The woman looks out for all the signs that she is pregnant. There are however some healthy pregnancy signs which are  seen at a very early stage. The signs and symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman but the basic signs are the same. She knows that she has to wait for the missed period and then the pregnancy tests to have an accurate conclusion. She isn’t ready to wait till then therefore she looks forward to the other small signs of pregnancy.

The major healthy pregnancy signs include :

A missed period:
A missed period invariably is the positive sign for pregnancy. The uterus has ovaries which release eggs every month. These eggs are alive within for 48 hours. The egg waits for a sperm to come along and fuse with it. When the couple has sex the man ejaculates inside and the sperms travel through the cervix to the fallopian tube where it meets the floating egg and fuses with it. The group of cells thus formed then travels to the uterus and implants itself. When this fusion doesn’t take place then the egg ruptures and is sent out as blood which in plain terms is known as “periods” or the menstrual cycle. Therefore it is an obvious fact that if the woman misses her periods she is pregnant in 99% of the cases. There are cases like an ovarian cyst, or irregular periods or stress which could delay periods. A pregnancy kit test after a missed period could help in determining if the woman is pregnant or not. The pregnancy is detected by the presence of beta HCG hormones in the blood and the urine.

Sore and supple breasts: 
Another pregnancy sign is the change in the breast structure and size. The breasts are from the day of conception getting ready to lactate. They produce the hormones necessary to sustain the process of lactation. Thus the changes in the breasts are visible right in the initial stages. A very aware and expectant mother would notice these healthy pregnancy signs easily.

Nausea and giddiness: 
The high production of the hormones by the uterus is to ensure that the pregnancy is sustained. These hormones, the estrogen and the progesterone added to the beta HCG hormone in the body cause the uterine walls to relax. But sometimes in addition to this the stomach walls also relax thus pushing the digestive juices upwards. These juices come up to the mouth in the form of nausea and vomiting. This results in the person feeling giddy also

Fatigue and weight gain are also common healthy pregnancy signs. Both due to the fact that the woman is having another living being within.

Vaginal discharge: 
The discharge could be the easiest indicator of pregnancy for a woman.  An alert woman notices that the vaginal discharge is different from the one she has normally before her menstrual cycle. A milky white, mild odorless white discharge, also called the leucorrhea is quite normal.

In this way the woman looks out for all the healthy pregnancy signs and is happy to note when each one of them surfaces. However to go through the difficult stages of each trimester is what takes the toll out of her.

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